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1.5oz NoFrizz Smooth Serum NEW
1.7oz Curl Moist Shine Oil N
1.7oz Curls Curl Serum
1.7oz Scalp Density Serum MA24
1.7oz Vanishing Oil N
10oz Awaken Shampoo
10oz Awaken Spray
10oz Bassu Shampoo
10oz Curls Curl Spray
10oz Curls Shampoo
16.9oz Aluminum TT Cond MA24
16.9oz Aluminum TT Shamp MA24
1oz PhD HealthyHair Perfector
2.4 PhD Advance Clean Dry
2.4oz PhD Dry Shampoo NEW
2.8oz TT Shampoo Bar MA24
24oz Curl Conditioner N
24oz Curl Shampoo N
2oz Awaken Conditioner
2oz Awaken Shampoo
2oz Awaken Treatment
2oz Bassu Conditioner
2oz Bassu Gold Oil
2oz Bassu Masque
2oz Bassu Oil

2oz Bassu Oil


2oz Bassu Shampoo
Out of Stock
2oz Curls Conditioner

2oz Curls Conditioner


Out of Stock
2oz Curls Curl Mousse

2oz Curls Curl Mousse


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